Welcome to my aerial video and photography site!

Imagine what birds see when they fly above us — a beautiful, sweeping perspective on our world that we know exists, but can’t regularly enjoy. Now, thanks to small drones optimized for aerial video, we can bring that perspective right down to earth for all of us to share. That’s what I do, for my own and others’ enjoyment.

My involvement in aerial video production is guided by two priorities: Sharing, and Safety. I don’t work commercially. Instead, I like to make my videos available to the public via Vimeo, Facebook and this site.

I also understand the importance of safety, and conduct all my flights in a professional manner for the protection of people and property. My drones are well maintained, and deploy the latest technology that ensures safe flights while simultaneously enabling me to record high quality, smooth video footage.

Please browse around my web site for more information on my work, and contact me with any questions. And don't forget to follow me on Facebook to get notified when I publish new videos!

   These are my two latest videos

    Nate Smith visits Ski Sunset Ranch
    Mini Cooper on a sunset tour, Sonoma